Friday, April 22, 2011

At least the fire department didn't come?

You know those scenes that before they even happen you say "oh no" because you anticipate what's going to happen. You should say "oh no" before you even read this blog...
You should know I've been able to work my way around a kitchen pretty well for a while now. You should also know i've consumed rice & beans more times than I can count. I've had some struggles in the kitchen before (after some searching I don't think I ever wrote about that fiasco.. have you ever cooked a whole chicken? most stressful kitchen experience of my life... ) but today's struggle was the first of it's kind. I write to you having eaten just beans and with every window in the apartment open. I'm not sure if it's that i didn't set an alarm and have no clue how long the pot of rice was on the stove or if i didn't put enough water? either way... there was definitely not enough water in the pot that was on the stove for too long. I was playing dress up like usual in my room and realized I was hungry... hello burnt smell and smoke... so I turned the stove off in a hurry and opened the doors and grabbed a baking sheet to hurl around like I'd once seen in a movie. Then I caught a rag on fire as I tried to move the pot off the eye of the stove. my bad. needless to say... i was thankful for my beans and just microwaved those suckers. Who hasn't had one of these moments of kitchen distress before?

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