Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday on Friday.

Mallory Ingram, Lindsey Megow, Anne Kramer, Mary Clare Carnes, Christina Paul, Holly Benton, Jessie Sellers, Tyler Grigg, Melody Botha, Caroline Eddleman, Lally Corbin, Molly Boyd, Me, Joanna Sullivan, and Kari Baker.

Now I've told you tuesdays have always been good. I'd like to introduce you to the ladies I've been blessed to spend my tuesday evenings with for this whole year. A group that was fulfillment to years of prayer. A group that never struggled with comparison of ourselves to each other. A group that never hesitated to pray. because that's all we knew to do...even when unsure of what to pray for of if we even believed prayer would effect anything.

welcome to small group! if you only know how much this picture not only embodies us but really is telling of all that we've been through together.

Fiesta dinner!

Prayer leader appreciation cookout.

this is the we've made it through genocide class together pose. Meet Melody.
like i said, we can't keep our hands off each other in prayer.

my fellow coffeehead, IA major, and lover of prayer. One of our three fearless leaders... Christina Paul.

Caroline, our little singer. Lindsey so fearless. Melody, she's south african. Holly, best person to sit next to in small group. hands down.

Mallory, well earlier I just saw wings coming out over us and they were pink and in a triangle, ha but really i've learned so much from this lovely friend. Fearless Small Group leader.

We always ended small group with prayer, it only seemed fitting to do so at the prayer appreciation dinner. duh.

Tyler Grigg, is the person that told me that when I do mess up (because I will) who am I to think it will really mess up all the Lord is doing in a place. Fearless leader 3.
HA! this is "awkward" pose.

Kari Baker learned to cry. Anne Kramer is the sweetest fireball you will ever meet. and Jessie Sellers tells people like it is and tells them she's fine when that's the last thing they want to hear. oh how her entire demeanor changed from this picture to the first night of small group.

i know another relationship that started this same way, a ride to prayer. Meet Kari she's got a lot in store for her and she's walking into a season of Christmas.

it's amazing how many people fit into a tiny living room.

HA. prom poses. family picture/best friend pose. and then the people in the backgrounds of picture... aka ... "that guy"

you know just hanging out in a field doing some yoga.

going after all that we can.

ah, we're down a few in this one, but this is us. My tuesday people. If you want to hear some good stories... ask me about this group.

*Photos from Mallory Ingram's facebook :)

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