Sunday, April 24, 2011

Top 5 Friday (on Sunday) (Technically on Monday)

I might be breaking many rules here in the blogiverse, (hold your breath), I'm carrying over Top 5 friday, to top 5 Sunday (let's be real and say it'll probably happen when i feel like it between the days of friday and monday :) from my friend Kristin's blog (by way of our friend Annie's blog!) How's that for circle of friends?
This week's top 5 friday (on Sunday) is :

Before I start this list I might need to say there is no ranking. Maybe. we'll see. Here we go:
*afterthought to this list: it has surprised me which books ended up being the first to come to mind. for real.

(1. Mmoja) well. This was the first book to come to my mind. Shaping History through prayer and fasting. This book (at risk of sounding too redundant) shaped me. I don't think I really even knew what fasting was when I read this book. All I knew is that this book changed my view of prayer from a one sided conversation with a emotionless God to a conversation with a God that acts at the sound of my voice. This has shaped everything else I've ever learned. It made me realize the reality of the power of prayer which has been an essential foundation to my life.

I devoured this book. Through and Through. I think I actually accidentally stole it from a guy I met freshmen year. I think I either still owe him a book or I already got it for him. Or he just gave it to me. Either way. this book... ughhh. put into words all I had been learning for a few years. It took me a solid year to read this book. because I read about a paragraph and was wrecked. "Our God is a God in love, and his burning heart is the heart of a bridegroom who will not be dissuaded from His task. His zeal burns for the restoration of his people, and he will not relent until the broken woman, whose name is also called jerusalem, shines forth in the way he intended, as a praise in all the earth."

(3. Tatu)
oh boy. I thought i was messed up before this book... pair this with the two above and the two after... Hi, My name is Amelia and I will never be the same. This generation, not the american generation, the worldwide connected generation my generation. Turning their hearts towards God. Just wanting truth. More than ever rejecting lies, and desperately seeking truth. desperately wanting to know the truth about who God is, desperately wanting to know how to pray. Desperate for more.

(4. nne)
Ha, So i didn't even know how to pronounce the author's name until 2 years ago. I've read this book over and over and over and over and over again. It's set up kind of like a devotional very short chapters... but i just read straight through cause i just wanted to know more. I still love this book. I recommend it to anyone. everyone. yeah. good. sooo good. short little book.

Alright Number (5 tano) I debated. a lot. Passion for Jesus is significant, The Pleasures of Loving God, Pursuit of the Holy, Under the Overpass shaped my heart for the oppressed, Passion and Purity, and Pride and Prejudice are just really some of my all time favorite books. Also a book about Hudson Taylor, Intercessor by Rees Howells, and Deep Unto Deep. But what had to be mentioned is...
holla. i've read this book at many significant times of my life. depending on the time I identify with a different character. I've bought countless copies of this book and loaned out copies like no other, I don't even have a copy anymore. It's worth reading (males & females) paired with hosea/song of solomon. you're toast.
That tid bit does not even do justice what runs through my mind with this book (you'd get lost if i took you there) It's a pretty good illustration of my heart on most days it's a required read for the Mister - whomever he may be, for sure.
hot dog. look at that it's midnight. And i've not even unpacked from the weekend.

ha, check out those books. I've got a want to read list myself. Maybe I'll pay my friends at "" a visit later this month. I didn't even mention that Song of Solomon is where my heart is... one of those vitals to my understanding of all these other books. right. you probably knew that though didn't you? ;)

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