Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is twofold. A) i'm fascinated by the use of the bridal paradigm in the new testament. For so long I've been minorly obsessed with the old testament, new test was way zealous and overwhelming for me. it was good but i mainly stuck to ephesians and skipped on my merry way to revelation if i touched that bit of the bible. Even when I have no other words, when I don't want to spend time interceding, when i'm turned to apathy, when i don't have time, when i would rather sleep, when i just lack effort, fill in the blank for whatever else.... my "Dear Lord, Amen" because there was no words for the middle because I had even exhausted the expressing my frustrations, has evolved to I love you, I want to know you.
Out of that, I've been getting into Luke & Matthew. Acts is still that mysetrious book to me that I cannot wrap my attentions around.. But phew Luke & Matthew have been killing me. To read the translation of Jesus' words is interesting. powerful. all the above. But what i'm really fascinated by is what captured my heart, "the bridal paradigm" if you will... that image of the Bride being prepared for Jesus the Bridegroom. To see that in the new testament has caught my eye.
I was going to tell you all about my class today and about my distaste for the frequent turn of humans to a capacity for cruelty to men. But that topic exhausts me. and nauseates me, and i don't think I have any more words to discuss it. If you'd like to talk about it, call me for real. i need more people to discuss such things with on the regular.
I got a new candle , Fresh Bamboo. Not sure how i feel, typically i'm your Vanilla & Hazlenut & Coffee scents kind of girl.

Remember this? This came to mind when I was talking to a friend today and I laughed at all the memories from those first few days in Marietta. It's hilarious for me to think about the days when I had to write down my address so that I could tell people how to get to my house. And call to find out where I lived. And I laugh because I have never again played whirley ball and have never again been to that silly monument. I laugh because reading that old blog I realize how much I've grown, even in my writing. I laugh because reading that blog, I can tell that on that day Wednesday May 27, 2009, I had no clue what I was in for that summer & how it'd shape me for years to come. It's approaching may at full speed ahead, I'm thankful for this reminder today & now as I joyfully cry (remember how that summer I became a person that cries.) Miss you guys!

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