Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ode to Finals.

so i finally realized ... this semester ends in about 2.5 weeks. say huh? Not ready for that. I admit to having spent this semester living life doing what I want to spend my time doing and not upholding my commitments to school. right. sucks. So despite how much I just want to sit and read and write and pray and write and do everything else in the world but read my books for school.... it's time.
cheers to genocide and human rights! phewwww it's going to be a long but hopefully inspiring two weeks to go. time to crack these books. here I goooo. Case Studies of a Century of Genocide is where i will begin my weekend. Hopefully I will be ending it with Children At War about the emerging subject of child soldiers (by hopefully i mean if i speed through these 10 case studies and the ups man drops off my order from barnes and noble before i scoot out of town on Saturday!)

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