Thursday, April 28, 2011

Storms before Weddings.

Wow, i'm glad we made it through those storms. Thanks UGA for calling me to make sure I knew about it yo. Jokes, i really am thankful. I was prepared for the worst case scenario. I once was told while boarding an international flight that a friend's father once told her to always be ready to put her shoes back on fast. I translated that to well plane crash and tornado either way i'd want some shoes. So i put those by my bed. Then I had my computer and camera bag ready to grab.... and i slept with my glasses on. hilarious.
Now that I made it through the storm, I can finally countdown till the royal wedding! Ha, for real. Tea and Toast anyone? 4am.
Since I have a ghastly amount of reading and paper writing to do all by the same date... i'm going to pull an all nighter tonight so I can rest this weekend and then put my game face on come sunday.
ha........................... 3.0 i'm coming to maintain you. scratch. SURPASS you.

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