Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top 5 friday (on Sunday) Week 2

I'm out of coffee. I didn't think it would be an issue, until I twitchily asked my roommate if I could have some of her coffee. It might be an issue. What's also an issue is that although the intellectual prison known as the SLC, or to the younger academicians "M-L-C", is open for the next 216 hours it does not have a coffee supply readily able for those next 216 hours. From the 3am to 8am shifts of those hours... we're toast. Speaking of toast, it has also become the main staple of my diet as of late. Healthy? probably not.
This week's Top 5 Friday over at Annie Blogs was quite the list of things you need to know. I think out of respect for the Top 5 Friday (on Sunday) tradition I'll get mine started with these:
One) Osama Bin Laden is supposedly dead. yup. I'm anxiously anticipating the president's speech.
two) I really just hate pastel colors.
three) I am twitching to the point of I need some alone time.
four) I might or might not frequently forget to change clothes this time of year.
five) I spent an inadequate amount of time on my belly while at the pool yesterday and thus have half of my body tan and half of my body white. wooo hooo shooo.

Ta da. don't fret friends. Blog quality will increase as Cinco de Mayo approaches. The day when I try to keep my head above water. bam.
love love.

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