Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FAVOR of the LAWD.

because why on planet earth would there be an IA class available at this time of year? [three cheers to the make your class schedule during finals tradition? hip hip hoooray.]
Perhaps I should put out a disclaimer warning: I've been wanting to catch up on my list of blog thoughts for quite sometime, and i'm feeling a bit ambitious tonight and might decide to jump on that. Stay tuned. I have about a million Blog thoughts run through my head every day. Some make it into a notebook somewhere to be revisited. & maybe even posted. i love blogging. I really just love to write, blogging seems to be the easiest way to do that. Today I pulled a mary. I needed to be martha.. man i needed to be. I got off at 9 and have a laundry list of stuff to do before leaving town Saturday but I decided that could all wait a minute. I've been craving some sitting time. So here I am after having sat for about 3 hours - catching up on my blogging, drinking a delicious cup of coffee, waiting on the pizza rolls, doing laundry, and just being. It's been a long week.
There's one thing about my time here at UGA. I know it's where I'm supposed to be. Every semester I freak out for a second worrying about grades and everything; if you can live in athens during finals and leave unscathed by the stress in the atmosphere.... I applaud you.
Every semester same deal. Every semester I conclude I walk in the favor of the Lord. Seriously. So this semester... I just owned it without even going into stress mode - aside from the physical stress of studying for countless hours and days for my finals. and BAM. I checked my Forestry grades. Do you know I could probably count the number of times I went to that class easy peasy? (not that I condone that, say that it's what i should do, or that i should be rewarded for this... i went through a stay committed to my commitments understanding this semester. i'm golden) back to the facts. So i've not gone to this joker. I was studying so intensely for Human rights and Genocide that i just got side tracked about this puppy and studied about an hour the night before. (not a lot considering the amount of info and the lack of having even seen the info before)... I MADE A 98. A 98! holla. so hello class b in the. BAM. Also so far this semester I made an A in Swahili. I started that final paper at 3 am after having studied for over 12 hours before for genocide. (implying the not so goodness of this paper) I didn't reread that joker. but i'll tell you.... odds do not look good at the quality of that paper. SOME HOW i made an a in swahili. for real? so i'm just waiting on the grades from Human Rights class and Genocide class. oh hey Hope, you're still in sight. Thought I'd lost ya there for a minute.

Thoughts i've been pondering: what pushed Jesus over the edge.. what made him cry. that He wept. thing. wow.
how should i decorate my room for next year? where did all this junk come from, spring cleaning anyone?

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