Saturday, May 7, 2011

Patient where you are, expectant of where you're going.

Drink in these moments deep. When I started college everyone sighed and said oh those were the best years! They fly right on by! Seniors? are you for real. That's ridiculous... and in the same breath I will tell you I'm ready. In that same breath I will say gosh I'm ready for new. I'm just ready for new people, new relationships, new places, new coffee shops, new tricks, new quirks of a house, new familiar faces, new townies, new clothes, new furniture new everything. I'm in an out with the old and in with the new phase. Oh how i've appreciated these years. They've been everything I've hoped and prayed for in one way or another... And continue to be. somehow I just sense that it's all changing soon. If I blink that other part of my life I've been hoping and praying about is just around the corner. It's as with most that feeling of the "need to grow up" but not having a clue what that means or how to get there. I've morphed that into at the moment.... what do i want to pursue. What do I want to learn or do for a period of time? Imean .. why not? I'm an advocate of pursue what you want. Don't settle for what's second best to your dreams. I do feel like I have one more year left in Athens, for whatever chatter of that in passing that seemed untrue. There's a bit left here for me to learn. One more football season. One more year of walks on north campus and wanderings around this town. I've got a few more restaurants to size up. More than anything I think i look forward to seeing Athens once I leave her. It's like my dear friend Savannah, I didn't appreciate her fully until I only see her once every 6 months. It's been an interesting year. I could tell you a lot that i've learned. And I'm ready to spill my guts.

but i'm ready to go home.

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