Sunday, May 15, 2011

I like to learn

Le Monde , have you heard of it? It's the New York Times of France. Whenever I get on a languages kick I always search for literature to translate from other countries, the easiest source of literature at a moderate (typically 8th grade) reading level is the Newspaper. Too bad I don't remember much of my french from high school, far too many semesters were apparently wasted. Pahtooy. Why do you care amelia? Is that what you're thinking... have you looked at ye grand ole list lately? it's sitting down there at number 31. Learn another language fluently, It's Julie's equivalent of Julia Child's "Pate de canard en croute" aka "Duck Pate in Crust." Daunting. Always hanging around in that back corner of her mind. On her to-do list always at the bottom and always carried over to the next day. Learn another language fluently. I'd be proud to interpret fluently as conversationally. Unfortunately this task has become sensationally difficult since every language dictionary in my ownership is in a milk crate in Athens. Maybe if I wore a pearl necklace while learning French, Swahili, Afrikaans, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Arabic, and Italian would help. (These are all the languages I've attempted reading a newspaper in via the help of Google Translate..) Hello Summer Vacation. After finally disguising my gray purple walls back to their original white and packing up all my stuff, I'm able to sit back and enjoy the days at home.

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