Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A post to the void of the blog world where you will always wonder if anyone is reading

I got my welcome to prayer leadership email today. nice nice very nice. And they suggested for 2nd/3rd years to read anything by Andrew Murray over the summer. I thought oh that'd be great I've heard of him and think I was given one of his books one time to read but never ended up reading it... Guess what? HOME BOY has written more books than I probably could even come up with material to write on in my lifetime. according to the infallible authority of wikipedia over 240 titles to his name. ergh.. SCUSE ME? that's a lot. Suggestions?
This week I've gone to a couple of my little brother and sister's games. We all know i'm just not a sports girl... the other thing is since i'm not really a sports girl when cheering on my little brother and sister I don't even know the stuff to scream... ugh "Defense?" "go team?" "maybe next time?" it's been an interesting experience. I love waking up to my little brother's face pressed up against mine and my sister tapping me incessantly ... if there's one thing you know about me. I hate H-A-T-E to be woken up in the morning. I just don't understand those people who can hop up out of bed with no issues... issues are all i have in the morning. non functional really. They love to wake me up. I must say... of all the ways to wake up.. it's the best.
Tomorrow's a big day. I'm going to need some rest. relax. breathe. we got this team. It's in the bag... due to my shyness and not wanting too many people to ask me how it went.. i'm not telling you what's happening. But let's just say it's about time, I gotta remember to look nice, smile, and to start my day skraight.

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Chelsea said...

You should never doubt that this young lady is reading your words.
I'm glad you don't function in the morning, because that balances out my not functioning in the nighttime.
I can't wait to hear how this morning goes. I love you oh-so-much.