Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Numbers 2, 10, 26, 36, 40,41, 46, 57, 82, 91, 94

101 in 1001 updates: as of today completed and possibly written about but can't remember.. i'm finally marking these suckers off. I'm not motivated by crossing stuff off so i forget to update stuff!
#2: Get 100 photographs printed. .. leaving the country really helps satisfy this one. And might I mention... FO FREE. if you subscribe to new printing websites where you get them in the mail. Usually by making an account you get free ones... and Shutterfly and Snapfish are great about sending you some deals. Two thumbs up from this traveller. Thank you scotland for infiltrating my daily conversations and providing me with a worthy cause to print pictures from (and consequently my room decor from this past year)
#10: Watch a meteor shower. i've done this more times than you'd think it even happens a year. Did you know there is actually a meteor shower about once a month? ta da. I love to stargaze. I could hit that up this summer... sounds good.

26: Learn to drive. this is dedicated to every single person who made it happen. If you've been in a car with me behind the wheel ... insert your name here! Couldn't have done it without you. Now I gots to apply for my international license for the soul purpose of Cause. Ever since I heard about this thing in french clas
s in high school my response was LEMME GET THAT :) ha. celebrate where you are! ha, if you'd like to meet the most interesting people in your surrounding areas just head on over to the dmv and hangout for a bit...

#36 Take a picture of stars. well once upon a time that's something i did once or twice but I don't think i own those pictures. (perhaps I'll have to do it again with my camera. pooper).

#40.Draw a Tree that I’m satisfied with. oh once upon a time I was quite satisfied with a tree I had painted (fully executed with the help of friends) I outlined our tree with some tape and then we painted it... he's gone now. Painted over white ready for some other group of friends to start over. Here's the lovely maggie modeling the living room for us :)

#41. Spend a Day at a festival. if you are a thorough reader.. you're going to catch me in something embarrassing... and if you're not ... I don't want to deprive you of the hilarity. For our One year update this year I gave you a taste of the folk fest. Notice the exact same phrasing for the 100 picture printed. puh lease can you believe that? phooey. Anyway I'm a big supporter of the people down at the North Georgia Folk Festival, it's one of my favorite parts of Fall.

#46. Get a Pedicure Again. so not so untypical from your average joe I'm just not the biggest fan of the feet. Well ever since March 5 wedding extravaganza, i've kept them painted. I'm thoroughly surprised myself but hey hey hey whattaya say! keep it classy with the white little lines at the top.


iddy Four. : Go Geocaching. At the beginning of the year we formed a Geo Cacheing team called "Hunchie's Bunches of Oats" i know cute but you don't really get it, guess what I'm not even going to try to explain it all.. just trust me it's a top notch team name. We cached the geo we found it took something and left something... stupendous lil game. A+ activity glad i finally did it... for shooooo!

57. #57: Wear Ruffles. i think this would be classified it what's being called "Exploring your look" listen up party people I just don't think you're ever really going to sever the bond between me and my tie dye. but i will give you the points that I am warming up to some ruffles (small ones we're not aiming for some sort of birthday cake fashion trend here).

(proof of ruffles: and a shout out to Cat and Matthew not sure either of them know about my blogiverse.. but hello sweet friends. love this picture from Saturday in Athens!)

#82: Buy New Chacos. I think this is a sign of my incredible lack of updates or marking it off the list which i'm realizing is leading more to a Re-post about the updates. Momma dearest got me a sweet action pair of "chacs" right before Scotland. wowzers. (#confession I still wear my old ones)

#91 Read the Newspaper for one month. i love all things news. news tweets. news blogs. news feeds. televised news. online news. most of all I love love love reading a newspaper. I made it a habit this year to read the New York Times daily. huzzah. Now that I'm not on campus (which I'm sure you've heard a thousand times) I DONT GET IT FO FREE. sad day.

#94 director's movies. So I picked the director of Amelie. Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Two thumbs up. Amelie erveryday the others were a bit trippy and weirdy so only in certain moods. good though. there's a new one out. So i guess technically this isn't true. But you get the point.

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Allison said...

I was starting to think you were giving up on your list. I'm glad that you are being so productive!!! My May update is probably going to be most epic one yet.