Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A "to-remember" list of sorts.

There are two kinds of people in this world:
those who are list driven. And those who are not.
i'm that "who are not" category. I can make a list all day long, will it motivate me? nope. Not even a little bit. The only benefits I see to lists are a way for me to refer to previous thoughts of mine... A list of things I want to do during the summer... is merely a list of all of my potential ideas for the months June - August, just for me to remember. My lists always end up being HIGHLY ambitious. Highly unrealistic. But even if I just do a few of the 100s of things, I feel accomplished. See what i'm saying?
Goals for the summer:
Learn to play a drum. of any sort. any kind.
Continue playing the piano.
Sew something.
build up them relationships yo.
Have a million moments of "getaways"
Hold a wee little baby.
Be me, in all places and circumstances, even if it's an exploration summer.. still me.
Sit in the sand.
Sit on a roof top.
Let my eyes see something they've never seen before.
Drink coffee.
Learn from my parents.
Take steps towards my deal, destiny, dream.. whatever d word is used to describe this.
Celebrate this season.
Spend a whole day in the sun from start to finish.
Paint something
Lose track of time.
Watch something grow.
enjoy every moment.

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