Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adieu to you, from the grassy field I love.

Hi friends. I'm once again in one of my favorite places in the whole world. No not athens, no not two story, no not the beach. All good guesses though. I'm writing to you live from, North Campus. This place. Is so calm. meant for community. filled with four leaf clovers. beautiful. and special in my heart.

I frequently come here throughout my day to just rest in the Lord's presence. People don't get wierded when there's a person sitting with their eyes closed up here. Today while sitting up here on my lunch break, I've been reading & thinking a lot about the apostle paul...that zealot. I think he would have loved North Campus.
Paul was zealous. There are a lot of people who read about paul and are spurred by his zeal for the Lord. Clearly that's something the Lord intended since there are numerous books in the bible written by paul about his revelation of the Lord. Good. I've always had an admiration for Paul but never really understood the big whoop. My perspective changed today when I realized that Paul's zeal. was for the Lord. Because he knew the Lord. Paul just wanted to know the Lord, Jesus, holy spirit more every day. Duh he was zealous if that was what he was pursuing. If Paul signed up for a History course at UGA about the Lord. He'd be pretty zealous in his studies cause he's got a whole lot of ground to cover. I wonder how many papers he would have to write about eternity?

So I'm back at school. Trying to get my feet going for this next year. I'm praying for a better job. I'm praying for support. I'm praying for the air I breathe to run faster than I am so I can always have breathing room. I'm constantly dissatisfied with all the stuff I HAVE to do. School reading, wesley, work, roommate stuff, moving, cleaning, cooking. They just keep clogging up my time.

There was a quote we said in good ole richmond hill that was more than inspiration on a tshirt:
Always Hungry,
Never Satisfied.

ps: glad I could show you my favorite spot.

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Kristin said...

LOVE this!!! LOVE you!!!! LOVE your blog design! Call you in just a bit!!!