Sunday, October 16, 2011

the Upside Down kingdom

All this time I only considered "alternative" "non-traditional" and "not stereotypical" lifestyles. What's funny is that by considering those I considered myself open-minded. 

Except that by only considering those a-typical lifestyles my perspective became close-minded. What if the "ordinary" job is really what I'm to pursue for a time.

I realize that this is the opposite of my last blog about pursuing the extraordinary. But I never considered that the Lord does extraordinary things through ordinary things.

Really, I mean this.

Expanding my perspective to include that which I had been averse to, well it's a struggle.
a wrestle.

Maybe I really am going to take the path of unorthodox. But maybe I'm going to be of influence to realms I never could imagine. What if I were to be a janitor that prayed at G-8 summits? What if I were to be an aide to an influential person and warred on the sidelines? What if I were to be the influential person? What  if I were the one collaborating on international policy for the captives of this generation?

What if what I thought was the ordinary path, is really what I'm meant to pursue?

"They pulled their boats ashore, left everything and followed him"- Luke 5:11

everything: expectations. the expectations of me to pursue the "non-traditional" lifestyle. as well as the expectations of pursuing the typical ia path.

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and [he'll shape your desires of your heart to match his.]"

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