Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm Back.

As I sit down to my computer tonight, I remember how much I used to adore this ole blog. She's been good to me. Throughout college I clung to my blog. As many of my friends from those days would remember, It was apart of me. Location has changed. People have changed. And it's been over a year since I "lost my words." Losing my words really only happens when I want to avoid facing reality. [ouch.] Because I value truth at all costs, I couldn't bare lying to myself about reality. About how your dreams for where your life would be at this moment are nowhere near fulfilled. How you've been a terrible friend. How you've retreated from the world to not hear what they have to say

It's been a helluva year. If I were to create a word cloud of all the words I've used to describe 2013, [New years posts are beginning to form in my head]. amidst - rollercoaster, stationary, suburbs, lonely, starbucks, and learning- Hard would be the largest. Thank you for bearing with me. And returning with me.

As we move forward together I can tell you a few things. [#1] I must say welcome to my newest friends that will find themselves stumbling over here. [#2] What's birthed this return is a lack of stimulation around me. So look forward to some lively monologues in the near future. I hope to keep them free from whining and self-importance.  [#3] I'm excited about writing again. It's been a while.

Stay tuned kids.

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