Friday, January 10, 2014

Run This Year- 2014

My first mile of 2014 was the same as the first mile of every other day, week, month, year. SUCKS. Everytime. It sucks. I didn't do myself any favors, running on the first in a streak of cold days. It was also my first run in a couple weeks as my habits had been splotchy at best since my first Half Marathon in November. with this girl:
So as I suited up:
I set out to conquer my goal for this year.

Run This Year 2014. I feel crazier and crazier every time I mention it. I committed to run 2,014 miles in the year 2014.

Let me tell you why: I love running. I'm a low stress person because I can reach a moment of stress and find a way to deal with it. Like hitting the trails. In college I began a journey of changing my eating habits, reading habits, study habits, work habits, and the last to change was my fitness habits. When I began to focus my attention on making lifestyle changes that included fitness, a lot of people laughed. A nerd- choosing fitness? Beyond yoga in the living room? right. I got a thrill from it then in 2012. And I still do now in 2014.

To me running is the easiest way to immolate the wanderlust of going on a trip. I can't be contacted. I'm surrounded by nature (or the drone of a highway). It doesn't require anything but myself and maybe some good shoes. I can take a deep breath and move. I can turn at a moments notice. I can speed up and slow down. I can conquer hills! (I'm a firm believer if you always walk up the hills you'll never be able to run up them).

I didn't prepare for my first mile. I wasn't hydrated. I was cold. But I did it.

 Here we go. For those of you keeping track at home: 1,998 miles to go.

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