Monday, April 14, 2014

The Rambling Mantra of an Idealist

The pages that follow are the uninhibited thoughts that flow from a life that is inspired by the world around me, Amelia Morgan. It is the feelings that emerge from the heart fulfilled. The satisfaction that can only come from the exhilaration of adventure. Adventure is a daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm. The adventurer never lacks inspiration, she soaks in the beauty of life. Every ounce, she lives and breathes from the world around. Wanting for the world to live free of it's perversion- of environment, love, of consumerism. She lives as a maverick in the face of an indifferent world. She still believes that one person can change the world. It's a moment of beauty when the inebriation allows for the free flow of thoughts, allowing for the boundaries of judgement and expectations to fall and the subconscious state of mind is able to run rampant. These are the pages for inspired life to be recorded. Angry life. Good life. Smile like you mean it. Live like you love it. Life. Freedom at it's best. Beauty at it's best. Life.

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