Friday, November 7, 2014


I moved to Portland. I've always said travel presents the opportunity for something new. New things stretch and inspire my mind which usually results in w-r-i-t-i-n-g. On scraps of papers, in journals, in books, in notes on my phone, on anything I can find when the moment arrives. Lucky for you, I believe that might include some blog updates. This tattered dusty notebook in cyber space is a special thing. So. Right. I moved to Portland. Let me tell you a few things about this move.

1. I'm planning a trip to Seattle this weekend and I have done more research for that than I did for moving to Portland. This may alarm some of you, especially you Parental types. I did not even read a single lonely planet article within 6 months of moving to Portland. Can you believe that? Who on earth let me do that?  To anyone thinking of moving somewhere as a friend that typically throws caution to the wind and airs on the side of Wreckless. I'm going to suggest maybe just browsing through some travel stuff on the place you're gonna call home.

2. Let's talk the "Go Green" movement for a moment. Portland is a place where the person in your life that has every social movement bumper sticker fits right in. For the first time, I had to buy compostable trash bags because we as a city compost. They call portland the young adult's place to retire. I'm more impressed with the crunchy life. I could go super crunchy and have plenty of people. But just about everyone here has like a little crunchy topping.

3. I'm apparently very proud of being Southern. Who knew? I get to meet a lot of people from different places and I just can't wait to talk about the south. Especially if someone I meet has some sort of connection to the south. I admittedly use my southern accent to sound nicer and diffuse difficult customer service things at work. And bless 'em they're just defenseless to the charm ya'll. If anyone wants to ship me grits. I'm hoarding my last serving.

4. I don't really know why I picked Portland. Maybe because people have always told me I would love it. Maybe because I'm fond of Portland, Maine so I figured Oregon would be just as cool. For whatever reason, I had to. It wasn't brave to move where I didn't know anyone or where I was going to live or know anything about - It was brave because it was a dream that I chased.  The day I left my Dad said to Follow my heart and that he trusts me.

Chase your Dreams Kids. 

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