Saturday, February 14, 2015

how-to's & how do ya do's

Lately, I've been meeting a lot of people. (okay, so just a few and mainly males.) I think in the olden days they would just call it dating... but since its 2015 and the single mid twenties life gets real weird we'll say meeting people. There's something great about constantly putting yourself in situations to have to answer questions to strangers. If you're doing it right, or honest, you're in a great position to learn a lot about yourself in the process.

People ask you questions like:

What do you like to do for fun?
Where do you work?
What brought you to Portland? 

For me, these questions bring what seems to be a promising conversation to a halt. I like to read and hike. I'm a barista. The kiss of death, I don't really know what brought me to Portland. I'm a really great date. To combat this common problem, I've become quite the interviewer. I try to think of questions that force someone to make a choice when they answer the question. How do you choose to live? What are some of your goals? it's easy to weed out the ones that haven't really given it much thought. 

Sometimes I wish I had a how-to guide for actually achieving those goals. Or "how-to live the life you desire."  It sure would make this mid-twenties life a little simpler.

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