Friday, June 26, 2015

Type B loves Type A

Type B personalities of the world unite. And here's why: 

I am a goal setter. We get a bad rep for not being achievers. And not approaching things with plans. And not following through. etc. I am type B through and through. But I make goals. I may not have the first clue how to make a plan to achieve that goal - I will admit to that- but I believe in growth. You can't keep growing and achieving if you're not looking towards something. Sometimes I make a goal and then decide against it. Sometimes I plan to run a marathon in October and most runs I think, pardon my french momma, What in the hell did you sign up for Amelia? Either way. I make goals. 

I hate to be late.  Am I ever late? absolutely. But if I have given a definitive answer of a time and place that I will be. Bet your bottom dollar I'll psych myself out and try to be 30 minutes early because I know that otherwise I'll get side tracked and be late. 

I love clean rooms. If you haven't noticed by now, this article is more about the woes of being a type b personality but resisting. I love having a clean room. That's not junky and is all conveniently and thoughtfully organized. If you've ever seen me accomplish any task, this is impossible without dedicated cleaning time. I'm not you're gal that remembers to put away things after using them. Things don't have homes. 

So to all my type A's out there.... I love you. And if you've ever thought I was kidding when I've told you I really appreciate your ability to help me organize things. Clean things. schedule things. and make a plan for achieving things. I wasn't lying. This dreamer needs an army of you in my life. And I appreciate each and every one of you. 

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