Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Have you heard of food deserts? Or fad diets? Primal/Paleo ? Whole30? At least to a certain extent we have all known that where we live dictates our diets. Being from south Georgia, things like "vegetarian" - "whole30" -  "paleo" - "gluten free" - "Lactose free" and "almond butter"
those words get you some weird looks. Making a proclamation to your southern family that you're vegetarian and gluten free is about as foreign as authentic Lebanese Food. Not just that - eating in that way is also expensive, inconvenient, and sometimes nearly impossible. 

Yet another one of my favorite things about being a newly minted Oregonian is the easy access to whatever kind of food it is that you want to put in your body. Grocery stores aren't places full of magical sunshine and barefooted people only buying tofu and vegetables. It's similar to your Kroger and to your Walmart but with easy access to better food options. AND not at an astronomical price it's not as hard to shift your health choices. 

I love my bulk shopping options. Scooped Chia Seeds. Almonds. Lentils. Rice. Dried Blueberries. and freshly ground Almond Butter with zero added sugar. 


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