Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friends become Family. Family becomes... friends? maybe eventually.

I know. I know... 2/3 blogs in one day... WHAT IS SHE DOING? ... I'm just making up for lost time :)
I have an 8am exam tomorrow. That's my last one... HALLLELUJAH! yes. Then i'm gone! The first part of my break I'm going to my summer family. I'm excited. I cannot wait for some couch time. coffee time. marietta square time. any kind of time that I can get.... i'm pumped. Looming in the background... is the inevitable trip to Richmond Hill.
When I think about it... it's hard to see the positives. I get a pit in my stomach that reminds me how much I don't want to be there. Then I realize that can change my attitude to be all negative of home... and that's not fair. Besides the constant issues with parents... When I go home ... i don't feel like I have a life... it's not mine. I have to do whatever my mom & dad & friends are doing... in athens... there's a few more options. there are buses.. and places that you can walk to without looking shady or on a road that some creeper might try to pick you up... i'm mobile.
at home i feel trapped.
Goodbyes (2 syllables that back a punch). kind of stink too. School now feels liek home. Friends now feel like family... you should click "Goodbyes" up there... it's how I say goodbye.

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